Enjoy Twente by scooter

The Twente region offers breath-taking vistas, from unique natural reserves to expansive moors. Travel back in time: this is where mammoths used to roam. Stranger still, this is also where sea fish used to swim! Twente was once completely under water. Nowadays, the region offers an eclectic mix of remarkable landscape elements. Are you in the mood for dense forests? Rolling heaths? Or fields, streams, and springs? Twente has it all!

Hotel Jachtlust has scooters for rent for guests who want to explore all this beauty but don’t want to hike or cycle. Feel the wind in your hair as you enjoy the naturally gorgeous landscape.

Scooter prices*:

Per day: €39.50

4 hours €29.50

3 hours €25.00

2 hours €19.50

* Prices are per scooter with 1 tank of fuel.



Enjoy the landscapes of Twente!