Catering Rental

Are you looking to organise a birthday, anniversary or other kind of party?
We can provide you with furniture, equipment, and decorations for party halls, tents, and gardens, delivered to both companies and private homes.

Rent everything you need from Jachtlust Catering:

– Beer tap (incl. carbon dioxide)
– Large refrigerator(s)
– Small refrigerator(s)
– Standing tables
– Covering cloth for standing tables
– Buffet tables
– Buffet table linen
– German beer table with bench
– German beer table, standing
– Lawn chairs (plastic)
– High-end chairs (stack chair)
– Bar stools
– Refrigerated trucks
– Beer glasses (crate)
– Wine glasses (crate)
– Soda glasses (crate)
– Champagne glasses
– China plates, round
– Knives and forks

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