The Hulsbeek Oldenzaal recreation park

The Hulsbeek park is a recreational area located west of the town of Oldenzaal. Originally a country estate around the Hulsbeek farmstead, the lands were turned into a recreational area in the 1970s, when three artificial lakes were dug out. The recreational area covers 230 hectares and includes vast woods and many hiking and cycling paths.


Natural reserves of north-east Twente


One of the best places to visit if you’re looking for a combination of nature and relaxation. The Lutterzand is synonymous with fun trips, splashing around the Dinkel river, and exploring nature. Discover it yourself!


The beautiful Singraven estate lies on the Dinkel river near the village of Denekamp. There are several extraordinary monumental buildings on the property, including the Singraven House and the centuries-old three-wheeled watermill.

The Singraven estate offers a variety of landscapes, with forests, country roads, open fields and moors – and the Dinkel river that defines the area. The estate has a lot to offer: interesting history, peaceful nature, active recreation such as biking and hiking, and much more.

Mosbeek valley

This 51-hectare natural reserve lies near the hamlet of Mander, north of the village of Vasse. The area is particularly rich in plant species and is certainly worth a visit if you’re in the neighbourhood!

The Springendal

The Springendal is a beautiful natural reserve on a plush moraine landscape, stretching out over approximately 335 hectares. In this beautiful area north and south of the Hooidijk road, visitors can hike and cycle for days.

The area is home to two country estates: the Springendal estate and the Braamberg estate, as well as several brooks. The Springendal is a highly diverse cultural landscape with forests, heath, agriculture, streams, springs, ponds and farms.


Hof van Twente

Where else can you find seven castles as close together as in the Hof of Twente municipality? Some of the estates and castle gardens are open to the public. There are not a lot of places in the Netherlands where you’ll encounter this much art and culture, and where the old and the new come together so harmoniously. We’ll list five great ideas for a visit to the Hof van Twente. For more information, visit Hof van Twente.

Twickel castle and estate

When you visit Delden, you can’t miss out on visiting the Twickel castle and the 4000-hectare estate around it.

The varied landscape includes rolling farmlands and fields, forests and ancient oak trees, heaths and moors, intersected by streams and hedgerows. The estate is home to about 150 farmsteads, recognisable by their black and white shutters. Other buildings include two watermills, a water tower, and a sawmill. Twickel represents a harmonious combination of culture and nature. The castle gardens are a unique piece of cultural heritage. Click here for more information.

Warmelo estate

The Warmelo estate, first constructed in 1339, lies in a 7-hectare park near the town of Diepenheim. Visitors can enjoy four centuries of garden design by walking the marked hiking route. The Warmelo estate is home to a large collection of azaleas, large rhododendrons, exotic plants, and many tub plants. There is a teahouse in the coach house. For more information, go to Warmelo estate.


Visit the charming town of Delden, which dates back to 1333. In Delden, you can see the Wendezoele museum farm, the water mill, the sawmill, the salt museum, the Old Blasius Church the New Blasius Church, and more. Delden also features many interesting shops and galleries that are open almost every day of the year.


Diepenheim’s history was in large part dominated by several castles and their estates: Huis te Diepenheim, Nijenhuis, Westerflier and Warmelo. The buildings are still private residences, but their parks and fields are open to visitors and are certainly worth a visit! Diepenheim also has a lot of art and culture to offer. The town is home to one of the only institutes focusing on contemporary drawing in the world (the internationally-renowned Drawing Centre). There are many galleries and the town has an art society with its own workshop. A tip for visitors: ask the local tourist office about the guided art tour. Other attractions include the Den Haller water mill and the Dutch royal family museum, Nieuwe Haghuis. Every first Sunday of the month, Diepenheim holds a large local market with creative, artisanal, and sustainable products, with shops and galleries also open.

Weldam Castle

The Weldam estate is one of the largest country estates in the east of the Netherlands. The estate, with the castle and its gardens at its centre, is hundreds of years old and comprises forests, fields, streams, country roads, monumental homes, and several farms. Its gardens are open to the public, however the castle is not.


Stroll the streets of Ootmarsum

The village of Ootmarsum is very popular with tourists and well worth a visit. Ootmarsum is a very cultural place, with contemporary galleries, great shops, bars, and restaurants. Don’t just focus on the market place and the church square though. Take a stroll through the narrow streets around the Simon and Judas Church. Explore the Gasthuisstraat and the Kloosterstraat’s great boutiques, several galleries, glassblower, and antique shop with a striking astronomical clock. And don’t forget to walk through the statue garden, where you’ll find huge bronze sculptures and beautiful fountains.

Sallandse Heuvelrug and Holterberg

The Sallandse Heuvelrug national park is a natural area like no other. It lies between the towns of Nijverdal and Holten, and is accessible by the tourist road that meanders through the landscape. This landscape is truly breath-taking and more than worth a visit during your time in Twente. There are countless hiking and biking routes through this extraordinary area, but it’s also the perfect place for a muddy outdoor adventure thanks to a host of great mountain biking trails. Below you’ll find our list of favourites!

a muddy outdoor adventure

Are you looking for an outdoor adventure? Then you should visit Twente! Below you’ll find the coolest outdoor activities, the most adventurous mountain bike trails, and the most beautiful areas!

The best hiking routes

Come visit a unique natural reserve, the Sallandse Heuvelrug. Did you know that Twente is home to a completely unique natural reserve? Sallandse Heuvelrug national park is a natural area like no other. It lies between the towns of Nijverdal and Holten, and is accessible by the tourist road that meanders through the landscape. The area offers countless biking and hiking routes. Here, you’ll find all kind of animals, including deer and even the black grouse. The Sallandse Heuvelrug has something for everyone.

Mountain bike trails

Fans of mountain biking will never be bored in Twente: you can cycle across 700 kilometres of pathway without passing the same stretch twice.

Twente has a route for every level, from skilled mountain bikers looking for a challenge to families who just want to rent a bike and have fun for an afternoon. There are smooth paths with small inclines for the novice, and artificial obstacles and hills for experts to show off their skills.

Route network Twente has connected all mountain biking routes in Twenty into a huge single route! For an overview of the best stretches, click here!

Outdoor Centre Sallandse Heuvelrug

Before you set off on your hike, why not visit the National Forestry Commission’s Outdoor Centre Sallandse Heuvelrug and check out their shop full of nature items. Also, don’t forget to aim for the stars – check out the Hellendoorn observatory.

Holterberg Nature Museum

Looking for something fun to do with the kids? Come to the Holterberg Nature Museum and discover a wide variety of animals. Over 1000 species and 11 life-sized dioramas, and kids will love the Daantje Das play forest.

Canadian cemetery

The Canadian cemetery lies hidden in the Holterberg forest. This is the last resting place of 1,393 young Canadian men and one woman who liberated the Netherlands during the Second World War. The cemetery has an information centre with touch screens where you can learn about those who never returned home. Guided tours are available.