Traditional ball-bowling game

The “klootschieten” association was established in 1941 and aims to practice and promote the game of klootschieten ball-bowling. During its 70 years, the association has built an excellent reputation and has had regional, national, and even international success.

Our association has an important place in the Hertme community: our members all live or used to live in Hertme and our society is more alive than ever!

Bowling is a long-held tradition in Hertme. At the beginning of the 20th century, we were already bowling against neighbouring villages, especially during winter months when local farmers had a lot of time on their hands. One way to initiate a game was to challenge an opponent by hanging a ball in a tree. The challenged party would come to the field, accompanied by many villagers who would cheer the players on. They usually played for a small sum of money.
Many a heroic tale is told about legendary games.

The KV Hertme was established on 7 May 1941. In the early 1960s, there was a boom in bowling associations, leading to the creation of leagues. Hertme played in the Weerselo league, which was overseen by the Twente general bowling associations’ union. When this union expanded its scope to include more games in 1979, the bowler’s founded a new “klootschieten” association.

KV Hartme plays its official matches in a beautiful, wooded location, on the Zwartkotteweg road in Hartme. The association’s one wish is to expand its current track to include the last 350m of the road, a wish that should be realised sometime in 2014.

Don’t miss the opportunity to try out the noble game of Twente “klootschieten” during your stay at the Jachtlust hotel.

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