Twente is bustling with fun activities all year long. Build your own treehouse. Find your inner peace during a yoga retreat the Twente way: mindful and clear. Visit one of the countless historic towns and villages. Renew your wardrobe in one of the hip boutiques. Looking to learn something new? Give the open-air museum a try! Or you can go on a new culinary adventure every evening. Twente has it all – just come and see! Rent a bike (or a horse!) and explore the expanse of the Twente nature.

Make sure you plan carefully: you’ll probably want to stop every five minutes to take a picture of yet another beautiful view.

Twente fair (Delden) 03-03-2018 Saturday
Castle concert (Delden) 20-03-2018 Tuesday
Castle concert (Delden) 21-03-2018 Wednesday
Castle concert (Delden) 22-03-2018 Thursday
Easter Sunday 01-04-2018 Sunday
Brunch from 30 AM and 01:30 PM
Easter dinner from 05:00 PM
Easter Monday 02-04-2018 Monday
Brunch from 30 AM and 01:30 PM
Easter dinner from 05:00 PM
Best of Borne 15-04-2018 Sunday
King’s Day 27-04-2018 Friday
National Liberation Day 05-05-2018 Saturday
Ascension Day 10-05-2018 Thursday
Special menu
Mother’s Day 13-05-2018 Sunday
Whit Sunday 20-05-2018 Sunday
Whit Monday 21-05-2018 Monday
Father’s Day 17-06-2018 Sunday
Vintage car day (Saasveld) 24-06-2018 Sunday
Golden Earring (open-air theatre Hertme) 29-06-2018 Friday
Africa Festival (open-air theatre Hertme) 07-07-2018 Saturday
Africa Festival (open-air theatre Hertme) 08-07-2018 Sunday
Artisanal market (Ootmarsum) 26-07-2018 Thursday
Artisanal market (Ootmarsum) 02-08-208 Thursday
Artisanal market (Ootmarsum) 09-08-2018 Thursday
Flora (Ootmarsum open-air museum) (10 days) 10-08-2018 Friday
Peerkes market 21-08-2018 Tuesday
Melkbeulen days Borne 24-08-2018 Friday
Melkbeulen days Borne 25-08-2018 Saturday
Run-Bike-Run Borne 25-08-2018 Saturday
Melkbeulen days Borne 26-08-2018 Sunday
Stift International Music Festival (Weerselo) 26-08-2018 Sunday
Stift International Music Festival (Weerselo) 27-08-2018 Monday
Stift International Music Festival (Weerselo) 28-08-2018 Tuesday
Stift International Music Festival (Weerselo) 29-08-2018 Wednesday
Stift International Music Festival (Weerselo) 30-08-2018 Thursday
Stift International Music Festival (Weerselo) 31-08-2018 Friday
Stift International Music Festival (Weerselo) 01-09-2018 Saturday
Stift International Music Festival (Weerselo) 02-09-2018 Sunday
Blof (open-air theatre Hertme) 08-09-2018 Saturday
Provence market (Weerselo) 08-09-2018 Saturday
Open Monuments Days (Ootmarsum and Denekamp) 08-09-2018 Saturday
Percussion live (open-air theatre Hertme) 15-09-2018 Saturday
Saint Nick celebrations 05-12-2018 Wednesday
Christmas Day 25-12-2018 Tuesday
Boxing Day 26-12-2018 Wednesday